Tool Testers Review Writing Guidelines

When writing your product review please keep these points in mind:
  • Keep your review focused on the product.
  • Do not include any personally identifiable information, such as full names.
  • Refrain from mentioning competitors unless you are making a direct comparison from your own experience.
  • Please DO NOT write about customer service in your review. We ask you contact us or Bosch customer service at 1-877-BOSCH99 (1-877-267-2499) if you have any questions or concerns instead if you have issues requiring immediate attention.
  • Your review will automatically be tagged to show that you were supplied this tool by Bosch for the review.
Review Length, Images and Videos
We suggest your review be a minimum of 50 words. Of course, feel free to write as much as you would like. There is no limit to the number of words you can use for your review
In addition to your review being posted on you may also add images and video to illustrate the points you make in your review. Adding valuable content such as images or video will significantly improve the likelihood of being chosen to participate in future product testing opportunities.
  • Images should be no larger than 160 pixels Wide and 160 pixels in Height. Acceptable file formats include .JPG, .JPEG, .GIF (including animations), .TIFF, and .PNG.
  • Videos can be of any length, but it is recommended to keep them under 2 minutes. Acceptable video formats include .MP4, .MOV, and .WMV.